Who we are

Susana Santa Clara

I have always lived and been familiar with cats. Sweet, skittish, fearful, healthy, sick, rescued, born at home, young, old and of so many different personalities. We have to admire them and know how to respect them and their space. These days, Zorro, Sushi, and Christie the cat let me share the house with them.

I am 46 years old and have a background in graphic design, but my love for animals - and cats in particular - is so great that I decided to change my life and dedicate myself to this project, seeking as much training and information as possible about feline behavior.

I want to help keep your cat happy, active and comfortable whenever you have to be away.

Mónica Sabino

Fifteen years ago, on a rainy day in the office where I was working, I sheltered a cat that came from a neighboring roof with her 8 newborn kittens. I secretly fed the mother and it was not until much later, when the babies began to meow, that my colleagues found out.

Of the 8, I could only give 6 for adoption and ended up with a couple. Since I had never had cats, I went to learn everything I could about them and fell in love. Nowadays, and several feline adventures later, I am the proud owner of two cats and two dogs, one of them abandoned in my neighborhood.

I am 48 years old and have worked in many places and areas, from marketing to reception of an office. When I got the proposal to work with cats, I didn't even think twice. This is exactly what I want and like to do.

A Companhia dos Gatos provides a cat sitting service every day of the year in Lisbon, within the areas of Campo de Ourique, Amoreiras and Estrela.