What we do

Cat sitting at home allows you to go out without worrying, knowing that your cat is cared for and well treated while you are away, and without having to take them out of their home or alter their habits.

According to the number of cats, its needs and personality, you can choose the frequency of the visits (every day or every other day) and its duration (30, 60 or 90 minutes).


Feeding - we serve the food provided by the owner in the agreed portions. 

Water - we clean and refill the water bowl with fresh water or verify the levels in the water fountain.

Cat litter - we ensure the maintenance of your cats toilet, cleaning the area around it and changing the litter on the agreed schedule.

Interaction - time for pampering and games, varying according to the time of the visit and the personality, habits and needs of the cat.

Report and alerts - we send a short daily report of the visit with photos, by e-mail or SMS. At the first sign of any problem, we immediately contact the owners.

If you need extra services, or your cat has special needs, please get in touch.


Make an appointment for an introductory visit - free and without obligation - to get to know us and answer any questions.

A form will be completed with all the necessary information for the visits (keys, where things are, emergency contacts, etc.), including the behavior, characteristics and habits of your cats.

A Companhia dos Gatos provides a cat sitting service every day of the year in Lisbon, within the areas of Campo de Ourique, Amoreiras and Estrela.