Terms and conditions

Rights and duties of A Companhia dos Gatos

(“The Cat Company”, here referred to as ACG):

ACG is committed to carrying out all the services announced, always placing the animal's welfare  first, making all resources available for this purpose.

ACG reserves the right to change service conditions, as well as the prices applied, without prior notice.

During the period of time that the animals are benefiting from our services, it is our entire responsibility to always inform the owner/guardian about their condition.

In the event of any change in the state of health of any cat, the owner will be promptly informed and precautions will be taken.

ACG has the right to ensure all strictly necessary health care is carried out without authorization from the owner, if unreachable.

ACG is committed to the confidentiality of all data and to the security and proper use of each key of the residence provided by the owner to perform the service.

ACG undertakes to frequent only the rooms to which it is authorized, as well as only handling objects required for the animal's welfare.

Rights and Duties of the Owner:

The Owner is responsible for the accuracy of all the data made available when filling out his pet's form during the presentation visit.

The Owner is committed to indicating any health problems of their cat, as well as new situations that may arise during the service.

The Owner is the only one who is responsible for providing food for their pet.

A Companhia dos Gatos provides a cat sitting service every day of the year in Lisbon, within the areas of Campo de Ourique, Amoreiras and Estrela.