Do you work every day, including weekends and holidays?

Yes. However, on Easter Sunday, Christmas Day and January 1, a 20% surcharge is applied to the prices.

How far in advance do I have to schedule visits?

For the sake of scheduling and route planning, we ask that you book as early as possible.

Can I cancel any scheduled visits?

Yes, but we ask you to do it as soon as possible. In case of cancellation on the same day, the visit will be charged anyway.

Can I ask that they always come at the same time?

We cannot guarantee exactly the same time, as it depends on the routes and services scheduled, but we do our best to ensure visits with a maximum difference of 2 hours.

What kind of visits should I choose?

The type of visits should be defined in the introductory visit where, according to the characteristics and behavior of the cat(s), we will advise you about the service that suits you best. However, the final decision will always be yours.

Do you take care of an aggressive cat?

Yes, as long as the cat sitter's minimum safety conditions can be met. You may need to close the cat in a room, or change the location of your cat’s utensils. These measures should be combined at the introductory visit.

What happens to the house keys?

You can give us a copy of the keys at the introductory visit or another agreed occasion up to 2 days before the cat sitting period begins. Always make sure the keys work perfectly before you leave them with us.

The keys will be secured, identified only with the cat's name, without reference to the address to which they belong. However, for extra security, we advise you to always leave a second copy of the keys with someone you trust who lives nearby.

The method to return the keys after cat sitting will be agreed upon delivery of the keys.

What if something goes wrong during your visits?

We are only responsible for damage caused by cat sitters. If equipment malfunctions occur, or damage is caused by your cat, we will contact you to try to help solve the problem.

A Companhia dos Gatos provides a cat sitting service every day of the year in Lisbon, within the areas of Campo de Ourique, Amoreiras and Estrela.